Hyggs x Wise

Redefining ‘finance’ VS ‘service’ : A Hyggs x Wise collaboration

The relationship between Hyggs and Wise initiated when our founder, Abe Conick, integrated Hyggs with Wise for financial facilitation when Wise introduced Business accounts in the UK.

Later on, we had a series of interactions with Wise and were invited on a few occasions to provide feedback and suggestions to the senior management at Wise’s London HQ.

This year we were invited to a panel at the annual event of Wise (formally TransferWise) in Tallinn.

The event entitled as ‘Wise’s mission day’ where the CEO of Wise Kristo Kääeman outsets the company goals and objectives and provides the opportunity for ‘Wisers’ (i.e. Wise employees) to unite and be familiar with the company’s mission , objectives and challenges that are required to overcome.

We spoke about the Hyggs journey, where the adoption of strong values of service, consisting of (inter alia) trust building, a fast and a seamless experience and easy accessibility to customer support were the contributing factors to the Hyggs organic and steady growth as a VIP concierge business, allowing our brand to stand out as a quintessential service provider in the VIP concierge lifestyle management, focusing on personalised travel arrangements, exclusive event planning, personal assistance or curated lifestyle experiences as well as the aviation brand of Hyggs that offers private charters , sourcing and management of aircrafts in the private jet and aviation industry.

We expanded that as a growing business having Wise as our primary financial partner been a significant contributor to the Hyggs journey, since the value of service supplied to us by Wise allows us to perform smooth transactions globally reliably.

When it gets to service, we believe that whilst the tech industry is shifting fast toward newer concepts, it is yet necessary (and possible) to implement traditional processes and to utilise existing technologies wisely into a product by favouring the objective of customer satisfaction placing it at the core of our business ethos and DNA.